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A Group Where Our Words Define :iconcheerplz::iconfingerdanceplz: Who We Are! :iconfingerdanceplz::iconcheerplz:

:iconbluesparklesplz::iconbluesparklesplz: :groups: Affiliates! :groups: :iconbluesparklesplz::iconbluesparklesplz:

We affiliate with groups who have similar motives to our own and are just as crazed about writing as we are!

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:iconbluesparklesplz::iconbluesparklesplz: Submissions! :iconbluesparklesplz::iconbluesparklesplz:

Join requests~

They are automatically accepted :) We don't discriminate. Only ask, if you are interested in becoming a contributor and we will see if you are needed. At the moment, positions are full. Soon we may be searching for some members to step up into the role ^^

Gallery Submissions

To submit, click contribute art. You will see this once you become a member.

Please submit to the appropriate folders. Ask if you are unsure and we will help you ^^

We only accept literature based art so if you think we are missing a literature folder, please comment and we'll think about adding it to our gallery. Our group also has a submission limit of 2 deviations weekly It is different in some of our other folders. It may change in the future so keep an eye on our journals for any changes!

Any deviations that don't reach the requirement of five questions in the artist comments that wish to be critiqued will be denied and that is all. Then you will need to wait to submit it again if you don't take heed to the rules as this has been repeated time and time again.
(This process is momentarily down as a critique folder is MIA)

I expect all the artist here to treat others with respect and don't want any problems arising that cause me to intervene which could lead to any of our members being kicked out. So far nothing has happened to cause that!


You must be wondering what on earth we are going on about? Well, we are going to reviewing authors and that's right you! If you are just a general member or a published author here on dA stay in tune!


We will also have a monthly chat where you can put forth your ideas about where our group can improve so get ready for that. The official date for them is yet to be decide as we get some new features for it ^^

Exciting Programes of DeviantART

Word Wars Chat!

Theres heaps of prizes and its great fun for all writers!

It's a friendly competition and great for anyone who wants to put in some writing time. Did I mention there are premium memberships given to random participants?

I will tell you if there is one coming up, especially if the group decides to do one.


I have permission to share this around from writers-in-progress Check em out, they're good, if they've go advice like this from one of their members. I have permission from him too. Enjoy this ^^

Stephen J. Cannell's Advice to Aspiring Writers

Stephen's Advice

Anyone ever heard of the late Stephen J. Cannell? Well, he was one of the most legendary writers in television. He was the man behind the original "A-Team", "21 Jump Street", "The Rockford Files" and "Wiseguy", to name a few.

Cannell actually was not the most brilliant student in school. In fact, he struggled with dyslexia as a child and English was one of his worst subjects. Nevertheless, he loved to write and he would do anything to be an author, even if it meant surmounting his dyslexia.

Sadly, Steven J. Cannell died on September 30, 2010 of melanoma-related complications. He was 69. Still, he will always be remembered as one of our modern equivalents to the likes of William Shakespeare.

The link above is advice that he has about those who want to be as good a writer as Mr. Cannell was.

-by ApacheMan2K

Current Exciting Programes here in our group!

:bulletred: We are cleaning up!

Why Was My deviation Declined?

If this has happened, it will be due to the fact that you have not submitted to the correct folder. You will be warned though so you may withdraw but failure to do that will mean your piece will be declined.


Just ask and any of us would be happy to answer any of them! Please do not spam our page with begging for unnecessary things. If you have something important to say, just send the group a note and what ever you maybe asking for will be thought through.

Well thats all, just have fun and enjoy the group!


We are the ones who are going to try and make this group the best!




Go check out these awesome groups! You never know, you might love it :D
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The harsh cry 
It breaks me in two
As I hear what must be
The sound of hunger

My body trembles 
As I feel the insistent pressure
A yearning 
For sustenance,

A desire for something
I simply cannot provide
For months I laboured
Walked and searched

Yet to no reprieve am I set free
Days I felt the blossom of life
Within the depths of my womb

For hours I suffered and wept
Knowing that fate 
Laughing at my despair
Would show me no kindness

My child would face the same as many
To pass before seeing the first dawn 
The ground would never kiss 
Nor darken the supple skin

Recognition would be none
And the words I so crave
Will never form
Mama, will never be my crown

Kissing my child 
One who will never truly be
I bow my head in quiet acceptance
Letting my tears run free

As the famine claims me


Imagine bringing a child into the world, only to have then ripped away by the famine. In places like Malawi, the malnutrition rate for children under five is 47 percent. Every day, millions of people eat only a bare minimum of food to keep themselves alive. Every night they go to bed unsure if there’ll be enough food to eat tomorrow.

This year, I am putting upon myself the challenge to help with world hunger. I am doing the 40 hour famine and have decided to give up food. For 40 hours I am not eating. I am currently very lucky as I have a meal everyday and a bed to sleep on along with a solid roof over my head. 

We all have art and it acts as our sustenance in life. Many children are not given this chance to explore art. Some children have to drop out of school to help their family, while others never get the chance to go at all. 

40HF wallpaper 800x600.1162 by Loza-Muse

“Poverty is the worst form of violence."
                        - Mahatma Gandhi

You must now be wondering what you can do to help? Well you can simply donate. Every dollar counts towards this great cause. I'm not asking you to abstain from eating, I will be acting as a representative of sorts, think of yourself as a sponsor. Not for me but for all the children who's one chance at surviving, could be you.

If you are not living in Australia you can still donate as the online payments occur through credit card or BPAY. If you are too young to have either of these things and still want to make a difference you can give the money to your parents to get them to donate for you.


For Phone/Bank Transactions
Biller Codes: 199745
Ref: 20130469115


The Actual World Vision Page


If you get the time:

Donations close 30th September 2013, that is when all banking must be received.

Please spread the message, even if you can't donate, awareness is enough.

More Journal Entries

Group Info

Lived through every aspect of life, it defines us all in ways that at times, we don't even notice.

The power of freedom of thought, of speech, and of the imagination.

Irreplaceable, precious, and brightest through words.

It is who we are, for we are a group where imaginations come alive through words.
Founded 3 Years ago
Sep 22, 2011


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Art Creation

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