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Submitted on
June 18, 2012


Have you found your self constantly trying to pass time here on dA. Always trying to figure what to do. Need something to keep you occupied? Well do I have a big break for you! We are hiring! We have heaps of open positions awaiting and easily you can join the team!!

We'd always love to have some more helpers :happybounce:

Are you excited and thinking you want to chip in and help with the growth and development of this group by joining the crew? Then heres how you do it! Its easy, only three easy steps!

1. Check out the available job positions & what they are here:… +… and choose the one you're most interested in!
2. Fill out your details here:… and state why you think we should accept you!
3. Send it in to the group or to me Loza-Muse and wait for the verdict! We will try and make sure it doesn't take long! Do Not Send It To Rappunk23

Thats all, 3 easy steps to becoming apart of our admin team and volunteers!

Did I just sound as though I was trying to sell you something? XD I just realized... It seems I didn't state terms and conditions :la: There aren't any C:

On a side note. We require a Welcome Messenger though it says other wise on the available job position, someone else to join the development team.

An addition Poetry Lead will be required along with a News Lead, a Recent News, a Scout Lead among may other things.

I am also proud to announce a new position that I have found is required. It is... The ultimate lead. They person who shall weekly oversea and make sure that every single person who has a position in the group is doing their job efficiently and properly. Speaking to me about any improvements that maybe needed. They shall join.. My right hand side in command of well being in charge of making sure people are doing their job. Like a supervisor would in real life! This job is available to all existing admins and contributors...
(This job is now half filled.)

Hope to see some interesting people :3

'Til then
Keep on writing!
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"We will try and make sure it does take long!" that's a direct quote :lol: maybe you should change it.
Loza-Muse Jun 20, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Oh it is isn't it..
Loza-Muse Jun 21, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Changed it :3
I'm sorry for asking again, but...when will the results from the Valentine's contest come out?
Loza-Muse Jun 18, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Soon, and your right for asking! I'm trying to get them done, trust me I am but real life has a way of spoiling things! I am hoping that once my work load has calmed in about 2 weeks, I can get all the judging done as at the moment I am half way through.. Sorry It's taking so long. The contest is not forgotten! I've just been too busy..
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